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Who is who at SuperMemo World Updated: Jan 1, 2002
SuperMemo World is a small company with the core of twelve full-time employees. It thrives on close cooperation with a number of companies and well-tried free-lance contractors. Outsourcing and multiple partnerships make it possible to undertake a number of large specialty projects as well as to continue tangible presence in an increasing number of countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia with one million SuperMemo CD-ROMs manufactured by July 1999. In Poland, SuperMemo World works closely with pwn.pl (previously: Vulcan Media Ltd) and AmerCom Ltd, which makes it possible to undertake projects requiring large project groups and substantial resources. One of the largest teams assembled at SuperMemo World for a single project was the Advanced English 1997 team (see the picture below) that comprised nearly fifty individuals of which half were language experts and translators:

In the picture:

  • Dr Piotr Wozniak (center), b. 1962, MSc in molecular biology and computer science, author of the SuperMemo method, co-founder of SuperMemo World, chief programmer of SuperMemo for Windows, primary force behind incremental reading, author of a number of articles available from this website, father of Advanced English, manic user of SuperMemo
  • Krzysztof Biedalak (center row, second from the left), b. 1966, CEO, MSc in computer science, co-founder of SuperMemo World, former financial director, marketing strategist, the one who makes sure that all independent and free-minded pieces of the company stick together, in close relationship with Vulcan Media Ltd. and AmerCom Ltd.
  • Marczello Georgiew (center row, second from the right), b. 1966, MSc in mathematics, marketing director, architect and supervisor of the network of sales representatives for Poland run jointly with Vulcan Media, perennial advocate of simplified SuperMemo "for people"
  • Marek Hyla (absent from the picture), former CEO, b. 1969, BSc in management, co-founder of Twin Spark Soft, co-author of SuperMemo 3.0 for Amiga, initiator of SuperMemo for Windows CE, primary instigator of on-line SuperMemo (originally at: IIF as 3GEMS), joined SuperMemo World in May 2001, was unanimously elected a new CEO on October 12, 2001 but went on to other projects a year later
  • Michal Hejwosz (bottom, second from the left), b. 1979, father of SuperMemo Library, learning material developer, undying and unflagging enthusiast of SuperMemo, webmaster, father and supervisor of the MegaMix project, one of record holders in the speed of learning with SuperMemo (12,000 items in three months)
  • Monika Morawska (bottom, right), b. 1977, Internet sales, accounting, franchising and e-distribution. All orders from SuperMemo Store go through her unerring hands
  • Agata Moellenbrock (center, left), MSc, customer service
  • Oliwier "Olie" Ptak (top-right) - Delphi programming whiz-kid, graphics applications magician, always late for work but ... always on time with his projects, currently working as a developer in Germany
  • Grzegorz "Nandi" Malewski (center-right) - structured and object-oriented thinker, scrupulous and nearly bug-free programmer
  • Jaroslaw "Gerry" Ast, MSc (top, second from the left) - free-lance contributor to a number of projects, editor-in-chief of Easy English, author of "Human-Computer Interaction in SuperMemo 8", chief supervisor of the Multimedia Easy English project in association with AmerCom Ltd
  • Tomek Soltysik (bottom, third from the left) - tireless SuperMemo learning material developer
  • Przemyslaw Slopien, MSc (top, third from the left) - translator, enthusiast of SuperMemo for English learning applications, currently a translator at the BZWBK Bank
  • Margaret Newcomer, MSc (bottom, fourth from the left) - native voice of Advanced English, veteran of English Language Teaching, currently traveling around Europe with teaching assignments
  • Andrzej Lapa (bottom, left) - free-lance contributor to a number of projects, programmer, author of learning material (including the award-winning Japanese), user of SuperMemo since its inception, currently recovering from a nearly-tragic asthma attack 

Not in the picture:

  • Sebastian Wesolowski, formerly Twin Spark Soft, co-author of SuperMemo CE, main developer of on-line SuperMemo, joined SuperMemo World in 2001, contributor to Multimedia SuperMemo, vital contributor to the XML data exchange format
  • Robert Wieczorek - SuperMemo learning material developer, full-time provider of user support for Poland via phone and e-mail, part-time programmer and graphic artist
  • Piotr Maksimczyk, b. 1979, SuperMemo Library, learning material developer, meticulous webmaster and programmer, chief contributor to MegaMix 99, currently working as a PHP programmer outside SuperMemo
  • Tomasz "Nico" Florczak - SuperMemo learning material developer, courseware designer, ruthless bug-spotter
  • Slawek "luka" Lukasik - Easy English chief developer, full-time provider of user support for Poland via phone, endless source of ideas for improving SuperMemo
  • Norbert Konieczny - production and sales

Independent contractors, contributors, partners and friends:

  • Krzysztof Wojcieszek, Twin Spark Soft, author of award-winning SuperMemo 3.0 for Amiga, co-author of SuperMemo CE, sole contributor to SuperMemo for Pocket PC ver. 3.0, 15 years of solid experience in programming 
  • Petr Bajer, MapleTop Software, father of SuperMemo for PalmPilot 
  • Zoran Maximovic, support and programming
  • Dr Janusz Murakowski, Ph.D. in physics, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware, one of early founders and co-owners of SuperMemo World, contributor to theoretical foundations of SuperMemo (e.g. Two components of long-term memory)
  • Prof. Edward Gorzelanczyk, Ph.D. in neuroscience, contributor to the SuperMemo method, co-author of all scientific articles about the method and memory, currently head of the Neuroscience Department at University of Bydgoszcz
  • Alejandro Aguilar Sierra, Mexico, initiator of open source SuperMemo for Linux
  • Luis Neves and Alexandre Pinheiro, Brazil, initiators of porting SuperMemo 2000 to Linux (the Kylix project)
  • Tomasz Kuehn, MSc in computer science, one of the early founders and co-owners of SuperMemo World, author of SuperMemo for Atari ST (1988), currently CEO of Axe Prim, Poland
  • Andrzej Sikorski, SOS, father of now moribund SuperMemo 1.0 for Mac, currently his company SOS is involved in Macintosh hardware distribution 
  • Przemyslaw Glowacki, MSc, author of now moribund SuperMemo for Atari XL (1989), currently a supervisor of the programming team responsible for the customer information system at the BZWBK Bank, Poland, confirmed bachelor ... recently married
  • Roman Sniegowski - graphic design of nearly all SuperMemo leaflets, advertising, boxes, CD-ROM labels, etc.
  • Tomasz Szynalski, Michal Wojcik - translators (see: Polish website), creators of Antimoon.com
  • Tomasz and Kuba Chodakowski - software maintenance, YouTube, pictures, HTML, wikis, collections, etc.
  • Stella Chodakowska - sleep research

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