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Release your own CD/DVD with SuperMemo

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With our new license policy you have a chance to release your own series of SuperMemo CD-ROMs. Now you can distribute your SuperMemo collections together with SuperMemo among your students, readers, trainees or employees. The basic license fee is only 0.99 USD per copy at the minimum printrun of 250.

You can take advantage of our production services and have your CD-ROMs supplied to you ready-made.

In addition we offer:

  • in-house learning material development (contact us for samples of our multimedia courses and sets of multiple choice tests in SuperMemo)
  • writing installation software for your CD-ROM

If you have long thought about releasing your own multimedia CD-ROM, SuperMemo provides you with a unique opportunity to do that at the most affordable price. The main reasons why you might want to choose SuperMemo over other authoring tools are:

Your algorithm for releasing your own title is very simple. Here is what you should do to see your own CD-ROM title on the shelves of software stores:

  1. Compile the material you want to release on your multimedia CD-ROM (i.e. pictures, sounds, texts, etc.)
  2. Contact us in order to obtain samples of our CD titles and a fully-featured version of SuperMemo to start your work
  3. Create a SuperMemo collection based on your material. This step seems to require most effort and skill; however, you will be surprised how easy it is to compile various files into a nice-looking course. We can also take over this step for you and proceed with all the remaining step of this the release procedure!
  4. Pay the replication license fee (basic license fee is only $0.99 per CD)
  5. If you decide to develop your CD-ROM course on your own (i.e. not at SuperMemo World), you will yet need three steps:
    1. Complete your CDR by adding the installer (your can write your own installer, use the MegaMix installer or ask us to write an installer for you)
    2. Produce a CDR disk with your title. A CDR is a writable variety of a compact disk. If you do not have a CDR recorder, many third parties provide recording a CDR for as little as $10
    3. Send your CDR disk to a compact disk manufacturer for replication. The cost of replication usually falls between $0.5 and $1 per single CD-ROM disk

At this point, your own CD-ROM title is ready for sales. If the material is universal enough, SuperMemo World will gladly take part in distributing your title through its own channels or local distributors in your country

Note for software developers: If your software has anything to do with information that may provide a learning material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, factual databases, etc.), and you would like to provide your software with an interface to SuperMemo, contact us. This is how Polish PWN Encyclopedia best-seller was made