Element filter

View : Filter can be used to find all elements meeting a specific set of criteria such as the number of repetitions, priority, number of memory lapses, length of the current interval, status (memorized, pending, or dismissed), type (item, topic or task), etc.

SuperMemo: Element filter dialog box which you can use to browse all elements that meet your search criteria (e.g. in leech hunting)

The following fields can be used to select the minimum and the maximum values that fall into the searched range:

If you do not want to use a given criterion, deselect the check-box associated with a given field. If you do want to use it, select the check-box and specify appropriate minimum and maximum values.

The fields Type and Status make it possible to find items, topics or tasks with different pending, memorized or dismissed status. For example, to find all memorized non-task elements, check Item, Topic and Memorized and leave the remaining fields unchecked.

Once you click OK, all elements meeting the specified criteria will be found and displayed in a browser.

You can save filter settings for future use by clicking the diskette button at the bottom of the dialog. The settings are kept in the file filter.ini in the <collection name> folder.

The filter dialog box is also used with View : Other : Leeches (Shift+F3) to locate all most difficult items in the collection. It can also be used to filter elements in the browser with Child : Filter on the browser menu.