Language tab in Options

Language tab in Tools : Options (Alt+O) provides options that make it possible to help international users use a given collection:

SuperMemo: Tools : Options : Language tab

Here is the interpretation of individual fields in the Language section:


From: Dusko Ivanisevic
Country: New Zealand
Sent: Oct 1, 1998


How can I add phonetic transcription to some words?


Select Edit : Edit text : Add pronunciation and type in the word and its transcription. If the transcription dialog does not appear, you have not chosen phonetic transcription in options. In such a case do the following:

  1. Choose Tools : Options : Language : Phonetic transcription
  2. Select ready-made transcription file or type in a name for new phonetic transcription registry (in the latter case, you will be building phonetic transcription registry from scratch)
  3. If necessary, choose Font on the left to select phonetic transcription font (e.g. IPA font available from Advanced English)
  4. Once a given word appears on the screen, press Alt+Y to transliterate all texts (or use on-mouse-move transliteration)