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Technical support for users of SuperMemo

All users of SuperMemo are entitled to free support via the Internet.

If you encounter a question about SuperMemo you cannot answer, please follow the steps below:

  1. SuperMemo Documentation. Check the table of contents in this help file and try to navigate to a page with the answer to your problem. If you do not find it there where you expected it, please note exactly why. This is very important to improve the documentation!
  2. SuperMemo FAQ files. If you cannot find the answer in the table of contents, try to find it in FAQ files
  3. Full-text search. If the answer is not in FAQ files, try full-text search. If you are viewing this file directly from SuperMemo Website, use this site's search page. If you cannot find what you need with keyword search, note down the keyword you looked for so that we can improve keyword mapping
  4. SuperMemo Troubleshooter. Troubleshooter is a divide-and-conquer way of navigating towards a solution. Please have a look
  5. User Community. Users of SuperMemo set up a self-help and discussion forum at Yahoo eGroups. Browser or join SuperMemo Forum to receive suggestions from other users
  6. Support via e-mail. If you still cannot find the answer to your problem, write to your local support service listed at reseller box at Help : About or write to Support in English in order to receive support via e-mail. Please try to explain why you could not find the answer to your problem in on-line documentation (what you searched for, where, and with what keywords). This is very important to improve the customer service!

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