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HTML Component

HTML is the default text component in SuperMemo. To be able to use it, you need Internet Explorer. If you want to use the HTML component in incremental reading, you need Internet Explorer 6.0 installed.

There are four ways in which you are most likely to add HTML text to your collection (middle or professional level):

  1. Notes: if you would like to type in some notes that will later be processed with incremental reading, use Edit : Add to category : HTML note (Ctrl+H). Alternatively, to use your own HTML template, use Edit : Add to category : Note (Alt+N). HTML note will use the predefined HTML topic template (same as the original Article template), while Note will use your default topic template of the current category. For example, after hearing a piece of science news on the radio, you may want to quickly type in an note to SuperMemo. Press Alt+N and type in the message
  2. Articles: if you find an interesting article on the net. Select in in your web browser and copy it to the clipboard (e.g. with Ctrl+C). You can then paste the article stored in the clipboard to SuperMemo with Ctrl+Alt+N (Edit : Add to category : Article). Article is similar to Note. The difference is that Article will paste the text from the clipboard to your newly created element
  3. Multiple articles: if you have a couple of articles open in Internet Explorer: use Edit : Import web pages (Shift+F8). Unless you fear the article may disappear from the net, import links rather than whole articles. If you overload incremental reading with thousands of articles, you may wait for months or years before an articles comes to you attention. Using links keeps the size of your collection in check. Huge collections are processed more slowly, are more difficult to back up, and produce more garbage in search results
  4. Files: if you have HTML files saved on your hard disk, use Edit : Add to category : HTML file (Ctrl+Alt+H) 

If you want to import an  HTML file to an existing HTML component, right-click the HTML component, and choose Import file. Pick the file in the dialog box and choose OK. Your HTML file will be displayed in the HTML component. Import file does not import files linked to by the imported file. However, you can import an entire website located on your hard disk or local network if you use Links : External file on the HTML component menu. In such a case, the HTML file will remain in its original location and retain all relative links. 

If you would like to edit an HTML text in your favorite HTML editor, press Ctrl+F9 (or choose Edit : Edit file from the HTML component menu) and your HTML code will open in the HTML editor registered for editing HTML files in Windows.

To preview the HTML in your browser, Ctrl+click the HTML component.

Inserting hyperlinks

To insert hyperlinks that would point to other elements, registry texts, HTML files, URL addresses on the Internet, registry images, etc. read about the option Insert HTML link (HTML component menu).

The HTML component can interpret JavaScript. If you know some JavaScript commands, you can enhance your SuperMemo presentation with scripted HTML components.

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