Adding simple items

By pressing Ctrl+A, you can add a single piece of information to SuperMemo.

SuperMemo will create two editing fields: one for the question and one for the answer.

You can type in the question,

e.g. When was the first version of the SuperMemo program written?

then click the answer field below and type the answer,

e.g. in 1987.

After you add a couple of questions and answers, which in SuperMemo are called items, you can choose the button Learn and start the learning process.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know about adding new items:

* after you type in the answer, you can press Esc to see how the item would look like during repetitions

* if you would like to change the size of editing windows, change the font or add graphics to you items, read about advanced options for adding items

* if you want to add items to another collection (collections of items are called knowledge systems)choose File : Open (Ctrl+O) or File : New (Ctrl+N). Remember that the menu is invisible in hidden SuperMemo (press Ctrl+Alt+F12 to make it visible)

* after you choose your favorite layout of particular windows, you can save it with Window : Save as default

* if SuperMemo is not hidden, you can notice the fact that apart from Edit : Add a new item which you activate each time you press Ctrl+A, you can also use Edit : Append new items that makes it possible to add a large number of items by just typing them in and pressing Esc continually