Awards granted to SuperMemo

Updated: Dec 2001

Product of the Year 1997,
PC Kurier
, Poland, 1997

Nominated to
Product of the Decade
PC Kurier
, Poland, 1999

Real Mobility Award from Mobility 
for SuperMemo for Windows CE
Czech Republic, January 2000

Readers Choice 1994
PC World Komputer 1994, Poland

Readers Choice 1995
PC World Komputer
1995, Poland

Gold medal at Infosystem 1994
Poznań, Poland

First Degree Award at Softarg 1992
Katowice, Poland

Finalist of Software for Europe,
CeBit 1992
, Hanover, Germany

Best Product  
Cena/Vykon, 1994, Czech Republic

Best Language Product for Children
for Deutsch Kompakt SuperMemo CD-ROM
Komputer Swiat, July 2000, Poland

Hot Download Pick for SuperMemo CE 2.0 
by Pocket PC Magazine, Feb 2001, USA

Five cows for SuperMemo for Windows CE 
from, May 2000

Educational Hot Site from visitors of Starting Point

Educational Hot Site for SuperMemo Web Site 
from Starting Point, February 1997

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