Privacy statement

SuperMemo World takes seriously the issue of safeguarding your privacy online. We never share information about you with a third party! We always make it easy to indefinitely obliterate your records from our database!

If you want to know more how we make sure you never regret getting in touch with us, please read the following paragraphs:


When you place an order for SuperMemo products, we collect the following information:

You can always obliterate your record from our archive by simply sending an e-mail with remove in the subject line or in the first line of the message body. You can use any valid SuperMemo e-mail address!

This is how the collected information is used:


Your credit card is handled by secure servers at Yahoo or PayPal. It is deleted from Yahoo servers within 14 days. Your credit card is not stored in electronic form beyond that period neither at Yahoo nor at SuperMemo World. It may be stored at PayPal as part of your PayPal agreement

Money back guarantee

We provide you with an industry's unique guarantee: if you are above 10 years old, we guarantee that SuperMemo will ensure the requested level of knowledge retention (95% by default) as long as you comply with the daily repetition regime and comply with simple principles of formulating knowledge. If your retention levels at repetitions fall below 90% you can immediately make use of our money back guarantee


We send e-mail to customers only in most urgent issues
(Jiri, Czech Republic, Sat, Jun 23, 2001 16:33)
Why don't I receive any updates or newsletters from SuperMemo World?
The policy is to inform customers about most important developments via News, Blog, Facebook, Twitter or SuperMemopedia. We reserve the use of the customer e-mail database for only the most important events such as a discovery of a dangerous bug or other events that might require immediate attention

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