Upgrading to Unicode



Starting with SuperMemo 15 (2011), all texts in SuperMemo are represented in Unicode. This means that all older collections need to be upgraded to the Unicode encoding.

Make a backup!

Before you upgrade your collections to Unicode, back up all your learning data! This way will be able to try the upgrade procedure again in case you make wrong choices or the conversion does not bring a desired effect. While upgrading, SuperMemo will ask you if you would like to backup your collection. Choose yes (default)!

For more about backup see: Backup.

Conversion to Unicode

As upgrading to Unicode requires some knowledge of System Locale, this page provides the ABC rules for the upgrade.

When you open an old collection, SuperMemo will automatically beging the upgrade. You will first be asked:

SuperMemo 16 needs to convert old collections to Unicode. Please choose:* I use English. Go ahead with the default conversion* I know what code page or system locale I use in this collection* Please help me* Cancel

If you never use foreign languages, and your Windows uses English locale (e.g. US, UK, etc.), you can choose the first option Go ahead. However, if you ever created your collections using foreign non-Latin symbols (e.g. Russian, Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, etc.), you will need to tell SuperMemo which code page you want to use for the conversion. If you choose I know what code page or system locale I use in this collection, SuperMemo will help you pick the code page with the following dialog:

Choose a code page for conversion to Unicode:English (old SuperMemos)1250 — Central and East European Latin1251 — Cyrillic1252 — West European Latin1253 — Greek1254 — Turkish1255 — Hebrew1256 — Arabic1257 — Baltic1258 — Vietnamese874 — Thai932 — Japanese936 — Simplified Chinese949 — Korean950 — Traditional ChineseOtherCancel

If your code page is not listed here, choose Other, see Microsoft documentation and input the correct code page number.

More help needed

If you choose Please help in the Unicode upgrade dialog, you will get a list of hints that will help you make a conversion:

Please choose the point you are most certain about:* I use English in English Windows and with an English locale (e.g. US, UK, etc.)* I do not use plain text components, I only use rich formatting (RTF or HTML)* I only use incremental reading and I import my texts from my web browser* I purchased this collection from SuperMemo World* I created my plain text elements using a non-English system locale, which I know* I know which code page my collection needs for the upgrade* I create my collections myself in non-English Windows and/or with non-English locale* My collection uses a mix of different languages that each requires a different code page* I have no idea what you are talking about. Please help me* I do not know, but I want to risk a default upgrade with English defaults* I want to receive personal help via e-mail* Cancel

Important!. Several points on this list may hold true for you. Choose the one that you think is closest or which you are most certain of. If the above list does not help, you can always get in touch via e-mail and receive personal help.

Here is the interpretation of the individual options: