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The Search submenu on the main menu is available at the middle and professional levels. It can be used in searching your collection for texts, pictures, fonts, etc. Many of those searches are done with the help of registries. Those menu items that provide access to a registry, display the number of members in the registry in parentheses (for example, the Search menu in the picture (click to enlarge) shows that the exemplary collection stores 870,202 texts with a lexicon of 633,724 distinct words - note that the number is so high because proper names, different numbers, etc., are all stored in the lexicon as separate words):

SuperMemo: Search menu which you can use to search your collection for texts, images, sounds, templates, categories, references, fonts, etc.

Search menu items

The following menu items are available:

Find elements

Find texts

Find string

Find selection

Search and replace

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Other registries


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Image registry

An exemplary image registry available with Search : Images (click to enlarge):

SuperMemo: Image registry which you can use to review images used in your collection

Category registry

An exemplary category registry available with Search : Categories (click to enlarge):

SuperMemo: Category registry which you can use to review categories (and change their properties) used in your collection

Lexicon registry

An exemplary lexicon registry available with Search : Lexicon (click to enlarge):

SuperMemo: Lexicon registry which you can use to find a word in your collection as well as all texts and elements that use this word
Figure: Lexicon registry. In the picture, the registry keeps 633,724 words. On the left, in the top panel, an exemplary text from the collection containing the word abbasid. In the panel below it, the word's Arabic phonetic transcription (showcasing SuperMemo's support for Unicode). In the bottom panel, the list of text registry members with the word. Double-clicking the selected member in the list will open its corresponding entry in the text registry.