Commercial knowledge systems released with SuperMemo

The following commercial knowledge systems were available from SuperMemo World at the moment of compiling this help file (prices around $50 per CD-ROM; contact SuperMemo World for details):

* Advanced English 97 - a 40000-item database of words and phrases that every modern individual should now. Huge material for everyone. The fastest way of learning English developed until now.

* Cross Country - a vigorous course of American English for beginners and intermediate-level students. It comprises 2000 topics and exercises full of animation, video, games, songs, and more. Cross Country is provided with a database of the entire vocabulary used in the course. This database can be used to memorize the vocabulary by means of the SuperMemo method. Cross Country has been licensed from Phoenix ELT and Macmillan Publishers, and is based on an excellent 1994 book by Jane Revell.

* Video English - a course of British English for intermediate and advanced-level students. It comprises 1000 scenes and exercises entirely based on video sequences compiled by The British Council. Video English makes it possible to get in touch with life in London in its most natural setting.

* Deine Chancen in Deutsch - a course of German for Poles.

Apart from being published by SuperMemo World, SuperMemo 8 has also been released as a supporting product by other CD-ROM publishers (e.g. as a speed-learning tool for Polish PWN Encyclopedia, etc.).

All authors interested in releasing their own hypermedia titles with SuperMemo may contact SuperMemo World and will meet with full technical support

If you would like to test SuperMemo before buying it, see for a fully operational review version.

See also Releasing one’s own multimedia CD-ROM