Releasing one’s own CD-ROM with SuperMemo

If you have long thought about releasing your own multimedia CD-ROM, SuperMemo provides you with a unique opportunity to do that at the most affordable price. The main reasons why you might want to choose SuperMemo over other authoring tools are:

* if you want to release an educational title, the success of your effort may greatly be enhanced by the immensely popular SuperMemo technology supported by SuperMemo. SuperMemo makes it possible to greatly increase the effectiveness of learning and has long been appreciated worldwide. SuperMemo is the only authoring tool that uses the SuperMemo method

* at the current licence fee for title releases of up to 1000 CDs, SuperMemo is probably the cheapest fully-fledged educational authoring tool available

Your algorithm for releasing your own title is very simple, and the most difficult part indeed is up to you. Here is what you should do to see your own CD-ROM title on the shelves of software stores:

1. Compile the material you want to release on your multimedia CD-ROM (i.e. pictures, sounds, texts, etc.)

2. Contact SuperMemo World in order to obtain a fully-featured version of SuperMemo 8 to start your work

3. Create a SuperMemo knowledge system based on your material (this step seems to require most effort and skill; however, it is entirely dependent on you, and it concerns the material you are probably very familiar with)

4. Pay the licence fee to SuperMemo World in order to be legally authorized to mass-produce SuperMemo CD-ROMs

5. Place your knowledge system in the place of a SuperMemo CD-ROM image of another SuperMemo title (this is equivalent to copying a single directory!)

6. Produce a CDR disk with your title. A CDR is a writable variety of compact disk. If you do not have a CDR recorder, many third parties provide recording a CDR for as little as $10.

7. Send your CDR disk to a compact disk manufacturer for replication. The cost of replication usually does not surpass $1 per single CD-ROM disk. Contact SuperMemo World if you would like to get help at this step.

At this point, your own CD-ROM title is ready for sales. SuperMemo World will gladly take part in distributing your title through its own channels.

Note for software developers: If your software has anything to do with information that may provide a learning material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, factual databases, etc.), and you would like to provide your software with an interface to SuperMemo, contact SuperMemo World