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ABC of SuperMemo

SuperMemo will help you learn faster!

There are only two operations that you have to learn:

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The ABC of SuperMemo is:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good answers should be scored Pass or higher
You can add pictures to your items
You can change the size of the question and answer windows
You can edit the font used with your elements
You can keep different fonts in the question and answer fields
Writing advanced collections is easy!

(Frank Gaval, USA, Oct 16, 2000)
What is the meaning of grade buttons: Bright, Good, Pass, Fail, etc.

Bright, Good and Pass are used to indicate that you remember. Fail or less indicates forgetting.
For more details, pause the mouse button over each button. See also this explanation: Repetitions in SuperMemo

(Bonnie Smithson, USA, Feb 24, 1998)
How do I put pictures into the answer part?

After adding an image component to your item (e.g. by pasting a picture with Shift+Ins from the clipboard), check Answer on the image component pop-up menu

(Boris Milikic, Slovenia, Nov 27, 1999)
Is there a quick guide to build collections such as Advanced English? I have the hierarchy and contents on paper

See: User's Guide. The most important things to learn in the beginning are:

  1. How to build a knowledge hierarchy in the contents window. You will need to understand operations such as Add, Insert, Sibling, etc. and how to modify the hierarchy with drag&drop operations in various modes (e.g. Add as last child, Replace target, etc.). See: Building knowledge tree
  2. How to fill out elements with components, and how to modify component attributes with component pop-up menu and element attributes with element pop-up menu
  3. It would also be very useful if you learned how to use templates 

How can I change the position of the question field on the screen?
Alt-click the question twice. It will become draggable. Alternatively, you can choose Dragging mode on the question's pop-up menu or on the element pop-up menu (in the latter case, all components will become draggable). If you want to change this position globally (i.e. in all elements in your collection), you should use templates. See: Using templates

(Joe Fosnot, USA, Nov 23, 1998)
How can I quickly increase the size of the font used in questions and answers?
There are the following options:

  1. To change the size of the font in a single element, select the text and press ] (right square bracket) (this will only work in default rich text components)
  2. To change the size of the font used when adding new elements, choose Tools : Options : SuperMemo : Default font and select the most appropriate font
  3. If you want to use different fonts in question and answer fields, use the Classic template. Use Text : New font on plain text menu to define a new template font. See: Using templates

(Eryk Horloza, Poland, June 3, 1997)
How can I keep different fonts for the question and the answer component in SuperMemo?
The fastest way is:

  1. Add a new item with Ctrl+A
  2. Apply Classic template (Ctrl+Shift+M,  type Classic and press Enter) (you need at least Middle level for this to work)
  3. On the pop-up menu of the question component choose Text : New font (or Links : Font if you have already defined the font)
  4. Select the appropriate question font
  5. Select the answer font in the same way
  6. On the element pop-up menu choose Template : Save as default (or simple press Ctrl+Alt+s)
  7. Choose Ctrl+A again to see if your new template has been applied correctly

Now your new template with new fonts will be used each time you add a new item