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Difficulty levels

File : Level menu makes it possible to change the range of options available to the user of SuperMemo. These options define the difficulty level. Use lower difficulty in the beginning and move to higher levels as your knowledge of SuperMemo advances:

  1. Beginner level - this is the default level that provides only the most essential operations for using the program, i.e. adding new material and learning it (see the picture below)
  2. Basic level - this level builds upon the beginner level and introduces learning management functions such as Forget, Remember and Dismiss. It also introduces functions for editing the knowledge tree: Add, Sibling, Insert, etc.
  3. Middle level - this level introduces collection management functions (Delete collection, Copy collection, etc.), editing components, advanced search functions and browsing functions, Options, Mercy and layout management
  4. Professional level - this level provides full functionality of SuperMemo for advanced users (see the picture composite below)

The levels in SuperMemo can be changed by means of File : Level. Additionally the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F12 can be used to circle between levels

Both Beginner and Basic levels provide simple interfaces that can entirely be localized by means of Tools : Options : Language : Localization table (see: International interfaces for SuperMemo)

Beginner level

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Professional level (picture composite)

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