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Help menu

Help on the main menu provides the following options:

If the help file smhelp.chm is not present in the bin subfolder, SuperMemo will attempt to open the up-to-date help material available from SuperMemo Website. If the file is present and SuperMemo still attempts to connect, choose Tools : Options : SuperMemo : Help system : Microsoft Help (CHM) (the default option Optimize will attempt to connect you to update help as soon as CHM file becomes outdated)

Important! You can always use the compiled contents of SuperMemo Website to update your help file. For that purpose do the following:

  1. Go to help download page
  2. Download the most up-to-date smhelp.chm file (or short help if size of the file is a consideration)
  3. Copy this file in place of smhelp.chm file in the bin subfolder