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For better SuperMemo (questionnaire)

Please answer the following questions that will be useful in developing a better SuperMemo. Those who send us fully completed questionnaires will take part in monthly reward draws for SuperMemo CD-ROMs, SuperMemo Library collections and more

About you

1. Name:
2. Country:
3. E-mail:
4. Occupation:
5. Educational background (degree, major):
6. Age:

About your use of SuperMemo

7. How did you first learn about SuperMemo?
8. What versions have you used?
SM2 (freeware) SM5 (freeware) SM6 (freeware)
SuperMemo 7 (freeware) SuperMemo 8 SuperMemo 98/99/2000
9. For how many years (months, days) have you been using SuperMemo until now?
10. How much time per day do you spend on SuperMemo?
11. What is the total number of items memorized in your collection?


12. What is your opinion about the SuperMemo method?
No opinion
Excellent aid in learning
Useful idea
Nothing special
Artificial approach to learning
Waste of time
13. What is your opinion about the SuperMemo software?
No opinion
Excellent piece of software
Reliable product
Good software that is not user friendly
Poor quality software
Bag of bugs

Likes and dislikes

14. What do you like most in SuperMemo?
15. What do you dislike most in SuperMemo?

Scope for improvement

16. What are the most important improvements you would like to see in SuperMemo?
17. What subjects are insufficiently or unclearly covered in help?
18. What services or articles would you like to see on SuperMemo Website?
19. What could or should be made to make SuperMemo more popular?

Final remarks

20. Propositions (distribution, resale, development, research, links, collections, etc.)
I would like to get SuperMemo 99 free by writing for SuperMemo Library