SuperMemo 8 Help Contents

ABC of SuperMemo

Introduction to SuperMemo 8

Minimum requirements

Installation procedure

Commercial knowledge systems released with SuperMemo

Basic facts and skills

Navigating between pages in SuperMemo

General principles of the SuperMemo method

SuperMemo method in SuperMemo 8 program

Learning with SuperMemo

Adding simple items

Adding customized items


Topics vs items

Most frequently asked questions

Using SuperMemo with Advanced English 97

Using SuperMemo with PWN Encyclopedia

Effectiveness of learning

Principles of effective learning with SuperMemo

SuperMemo decalog

Opinions of users and journalists about SuperMemo

Creating knowledge systems

Creating knowledge systems

Components available for creating knowledge elements

Hierarchy operations

Writing scripts

Script commands used in SuperMemo

Changing the existing knowledge systems

Using registries

Using templates

Using ClipBoxes

Using hints and ready-made knowledge systems to learn more about SuperMemo

Creating mutliple choice tests, drag&match tests, etc.

Translating knowledge systems to other languages

Translating SuperMemo interface to other languages

Safety of knowledge systems developed with SuperMemo

Releasing one’s own multimedia CD-ROM with SuperMemo

Writing DLLs and EXE components for SuperMemo 8

SuperMemo functional reference

Main menu

Main toolbar

Navigation toolbar

Learning buttons

Element menu

Component menu

Contents menu

Contents toolbar

Registry menu

Browser menu


Statistics and Item data

SuperMemo reference

Theoretical background of SuperMemo

Optimization algorithm used in spacing repetitions in SuperMemo

Analysis of the learning process

Short history of SuperMemo development

Short history of SuperMemo 8.0 development

Short history of item rescheduling in SuperMemo

Implementing SuperMemo in other applications (SM8OPT.DLL)

Further reading

Books and publications by the authors

Articles and reviews in popular press

Theoretical background of SuperMemo

Scientific conquest of the forgetful memory

Build your vocabulary with SuperMemo